Overseas Education

Students can find a course and university that exactly fits their aptitude, interests, academic background, and financial situation with the assistance of our trained and experienced team of counselors.We at John Buck regard careers not just from a financial standpoint but also as a means of developing both intellect and stature; as a result, we provide informed and practical career counseling to students who come to us. Our knowledgeable job counselors with years of experience will assist you in selecting a programme and college that are appropriate for your skill set and potential. We constantly work to provide you with the best programme and location, taking into consideration factors such as the employment market, personal aspirations, aptitude, financial situation, etc. We only work with the top colleges and universities after periodically reviewing their accreditations to ensure that you have a worry-free time studying overseas.

Our dedication to helping you realize your dream of studying overseas is no longer limited to traditional classrooms. Study in the comfort of your own house. With our help, digitally connect with the top educators and mentors from around the globe. By taking one year of our courses online and the second year on the campus of an international university, you can join the world of job possibilities on a global scale.Our education specialists have been practicing for more than ten years. In addition to offering the appropriate supervision, we will support you throughout the entire visa, documentation, application, and SOP processes until you are ultimately able to move into campus.