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A student's life can be completely changed by studying overseas. Studying overseas is a fantastic experience that will enrich a persons's life in many ways, which is why more and more students are making this decision.

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John Bruck connects students, universities, and a global community to simplify foreign education, learning, and mobility.

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Students, professionals, academic institutions, businesses, and governments make up a sizable portion of our diverse customer group.


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One of the top experts in India for studying abroad is John Bruck. The personnel there are excellent and knowledgeable, and they can answer any questions. They respond quickly and keep us informed as the procedure moves along. Many of my peers and family members appreciate John Bruck' assistance in the process.


When we first spoke with John Bruck Consultancies in Thrissur, we immediately recognised the true ideals and professionalism instilled in every employee. They truly guided us in choosing the right subject for our daughter to study in the UK. She also walked us through the admissions, bank loan, visa, and travel guidance processes. She was willing to accept calls and meet with us whenever we needed. We wish John Bruck consultancies all the success in everything they do. I appreciate all of your assistance and assistance.

Tayeb Rayed
Students Of AMMT Department

The interaction with John Bruck at the Thrissur office was easy and quick. Despite the fact that I had only recently decided to pursue my master's degree in Ireland, John Bruck and her employees have provided me with adequate guidance throughout the entire process and all the paperwork. The team at John Bruck, and their team have my sincere gratitude. I want to appreciate everyone who helped make this possible once more.

Robiul siddikee
Students Of AMMT Department

My experience has been flawless and easy, and John Bruck Overseas is the best; the staff provides all of the information you require about studying overseas and answers all of your questions. This is the location I will suggest to people who want to pursue an international education. I was given a student visa to Canada, and the process is step-by-step here. You go back home happy.It is strongly advised. Go there and accomplish your objective of studying abroad.

Modhu Dada
Students Of AMMT Department

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We are familiar with what it's like to be a foreign learner.

We are here to ensure that your experience as an international student is everything you want it to be because we recognise how essential this journey is, we also provide insight into new courses and impart Individual Attention for each student.


Our international education events serve as a successful platform for assisting students in gaining information and needed guidance